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Submitted on
June 7, 2010


I have been working on my thesis a lot lately (though not nearly as much as I should be), and it brings me in a rather macabre mood..
Not because it's not going very well, but because of the subject:
I am writing my thesis on the Ikkaku Ochi collection, which is a collection of medical photographs from Japan, from around the 1900s.

I am writing about the peculiar type of beauty these pictures possess, and how they appeal to me, and repel me at the same time.
About how much more a picture can make you feel when it does that (though I have to package that assumption in something sort of scientific..), so much more then when something is merely 'beautiful'

Though believe me, I am very often in the mood for something 'merely' beautiful
especially when I suround myself with images of death an decay

But not today, today I do a feature inspired by my thesis.. these pictures are not a literal interpretation of that ofcourse, it's just how they make me feel

Exercise No. 126 by Krass62
13. The sacred wound. by LittleSilverBones :thumb162591773: Medical Fetish: Pain in the A by mjranum
L' Epoque Noire by Gelso :thumb148107731: Hope Infusion by KatjaFaith
Snarl I by fridabjo Spirito by dumbelek Medical corset by AlexWilson
Medical cabinet by mrabanal The Patient needs her medicine by PorcelainPoet medical by lithiumpicnic
Medical Mayhem by Ticklemetimebomb

they are all beautiful, make sure you visit the galleries of these artists!
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Really cool idea for a feature, thank you for including one of mine! :hug:
I just had another look at your gallery an hour ago or so, and you really have some amazing macabre stuff :nod:
(and not the typical weepy-gothic-teenage-DA-stuff, but really really good and original darkish art! Hard to find sometimes)

plus, you seemed to have worked with :iconfairyviper: a lot, and she is one of my favorite models here on DA

anyway, thank you for having a look at my clumsy feature, I'm glad you liked it :)
Aww thank you :)

Yes, ~FairyViper is basically my favorite model...
I adore her. :heart: She's incredible to work with.

Thank you for taking the time to feature me and view my work!
Gelso Jun 7, 2010   Digital Artist
Thank you ever so much for featuring my photograph.

Best wishes,

you are very welcome!

thank you for taking the time to look at and comment on my journal :)
dumbelek Jun 7, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
thnk u so much.I am so glad
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